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Give the better part of ourselves to make sales people around us bette. Founded by Guillaume Larronde who worked 6 years at Linkedin and 15 years in Entreprise sales , it is natural that Extra Mile evolved to become a trusted Linkedin and Digital sales advisory and training firm in the Middle East region.

In a post-Covid and hybrid work era, social selling (or digital sales) has become the best way to sell. This is the reason why Extra Mile was founded. We want to help businesses and sales professionals sell more and better. We know how to help. We will go the extra mile until you, your team and your business succeed.


Guillaume Larronde

Founder &

6 years at Linkedin
15 years in B2B sales

Linkedin, Mintel

Lucy Henderson

Head of Sales Enablement

5+ years experience in sales enablement

Dell, Airbus

Nour Choueiry

Head of

2+ years Inbound Marketing & Sales experience

Janssen & Leo Pharma


Guillaume worked at LinkedIn for 6 years

During Linkedin’s hyper-growth period, he participated in launching Linkedin France and Linkedin in the Middle East, learnt and practiced some of the most advanced sales, social selling best practices, and worked with some of the most innovative leaders and brands in France and in the Middle East such as Louis Vuitton, Schneider Electric, L’Oreal, Schlumberger, Orange, Dassault Systemes, Alshaya, Emirates, Sabic, Etisalat, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Saudi Telecom and more.


Sales and leadership training received during our career


CustomerCentric Selling

Business Conscious

Linkedin ManageIn


Most and foremost, we do what we say: we apply ourselves the social media and digital best practices we share with our clients. Check our social media channels and get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions.


Today, most B2B businesses in the gulf region use Linkedin and social media for sales, recruitment, or marketing but they often struggle to get full adoption and reach the full potential of their social selling or social hiring strategy.

This is the reason why Extra Mile was founded.

We want to help. We know how to help. We will go the extra mile until you, your team and your business succeed.

At Extra Mile, our mission is to help businesses and leaders in the Middle East drive growth by adopting the latest digital sales best practices.

We go the extra mile for our customers and aim to be recognized as a true long-term partner.

Check our social media channels and get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions.

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