Taking control of your Linkedin Settings

Taking control of your Linkedin Settings

updated on 2023.12

Things to consider if you are in a leadership role or too solicited
  • Invitations to connect: you can allow connection requests to only people who know your email and make Follow primary
  • Messages: you can disallow others to send you Inmails, only connections will be able to message you
  • Profile viewing options: Use Private Mode to view others’ profiles without them knowing
  • Notifications: Turn some or all notifications off (Push, email and on Linkedin)

Understand your Linkedin Account Preferences

The Account preferences section allows you to manage your account settings, such as adding email addresses, changing your password or language, and other account management options.

To access your LinkedIn account settings:

  1. Click the ”Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  3. On the left rail, you will find six sections to help you easily view and modify your account information, privacy preferences, ads settings, and communication notifications.
    • 👤 Account preferences: Manage your basic profile information for your LinkedIn experience, networking, subscriptions, and more.
    • 🔒 Sign in & security: Manage the settings that keep your account secure.
    • 👁️ Visibility: Control who can see your profile, network, and LinkedIn activity.
    • 🛡️ Data Privacy: Configure privacy and security settings related to how LinkedIn uses your data, job seeking preferences, and other applications. You’re also able to manage your messages and download your account data.
    • 🎯 Advertising data: Control the information that LinkedIn uses to show you relevant ads by adjusting your account’s ads settings.
    • 🔔 Notifications: Enable or disable the types of notifications you want to receive and how often you wish to receive them.

Under the 👤 Account preferences section on the left rail, you’ll find the following sub-sections on the Account preferences section:

  • Profile information – Basic information associated with your profile.
  • General Preferences - Choose how you want the site to work for you with your language preference, your feed, showing videos, and more.
  • Syncing options – Using the information you have to make networking easier.
  • Subscriptions and payments - View your purchase history and upgrade your account, if applicable.
  • Partners and services - Control third party services you’ve authorized.
  • Account management - Merge multiple accounts or close your account, if applicable.

The most important things to know and update in your Linkedin settings


General preferences

People also viewed: OFF

Click on the image below to go directly to the right page in settings.


Your main goal is to keep your profile viewers as long as possible so they can learn about you and what you can offer. Turning off to stop Linkedin visitors to be shown a list of other profiles, which could distract them or get to click to leave your profile and see someone else’s

“People also viewed” is shown on the right end side of every profile by default and offers relevant profiles for viewers to keep browsing.

Ironically, it can offer viewers to visit people outside your organization or even competitors. In this instance, the CEO of Amazon



Visibility of your profile & network

Your name and headline ON

Your goal is to generate views of your profile so people can get to know you and your services better. Letting them know you visited their profile might lead them to visit yours.

Choose Private mode if you are secretly viewing or searching for people on Linkedin, and you don’t want to let them know. For example, when checking candidates or competitors.

Click on the images below to go directly to the right page in settings.

Edit your public Profile REVIEW AND UPDATE
Edit custom URL: remove numbers, make it short
Your profile’s public visibility: ON
Profile Sections visibility: SHOW

The more information from your Linkedin is public, the more likely your Linkedin profile will rank in first position on Google.

Profile Photo: PUBLIC - Anyone

Profiles with photo get 14x more views.

Make sure your photo is visible and public, even to people you are not connected to.

You might have one but set on private or only visible to connections as per examples below and you wont notice so make sure you check.

Who can see or download your email address: 1st degree or Only me
Allow connections to export emails: OFF
Connections: allow connections to see your connections list: OFF
Profile discovery and visibility off-LinkedIn Visibility: ON

Visibility of your LinkedIn activity

If you want to be as visible as possible (job seeker, personal branding, thought leadership), everything should be : ALWAYS ON
⚠️ Share profile updates with your network can be off when you update your profile and you can turn it on before updating your current experience to let your network know your new status once your profile is newly updated
Who can follow you: Make Follow Primary

If you are working on your personal brand or thought leadership, the goal is to grow an audience.

Reduce the number of unwanted connection requests by replacing the “connect” button with the “follow” button and making it easy for viewers to follow you

Click on the images below to go directly to the right page in settings.



Who can reach you

Everyone on Linkedin (recommended) ON

Click on the image below to go directly to the right page in settings.

Messages you receive IT DEPENDS

Turn ON, if you in a role (like sales) where you have to make it easy for people to reach you

Turn OFF, when you want to decrease the volume of messages you get. For example, HR or C-level roles

Messaging experience

Focused Inbox: ON
Delivery indicators: ON (if you want to know when people are typing or when your message is read)

Job seeking preferences

Everything: ON or to be checked if you are actively looking for a new job


Notifications you receive (Push, In-app and Email)

Turn On at first. Then, you can fine-tune and turn off irrelevant ones depending on your role, seniority or how you want to use Linkedin.

Here are the few ones we recommend turning ON depending on your situation.

Connecting with others:

Updates from people you follow: ON
Profile views: ON

Messaging (if you are in sales or recruitment)

Messages & Inmails: ON

Pages (if you are in marketing)

Page updates, Activity on pages you manage, Inisghts on your pages, reviews…: ON

Posting and commenting (if you are getting serious about posting, personal branding and thought leadership)

Comments and reactions: ON
Shares: ON
Mentions: ON

Searching for a job

All job search notifications: ON

Click on the image below to go directly to the right page in settings.


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