UAE: the ideal country to be using Linkedin

UAE: the ideal country to be using Linkedin

LinkedIn vision was originally to become a global networking site for professionals. But with its impact on the recruitment world, many have perceived LinkedIn as a job board for many years.

Recruiters and organizations using Linkedin to position their employer brand would not disagree. However…

Linkedin is not a job board.

If you still consider Linkedin as a job board and prefer to stay away from it and advise your employees or teams not to use it, you could not be more wrong.

And your competitors will thank you for that.

Here are 4 proofs:

  • Millions of sales professionals use Linkedin daily to generate leads, research customers and stay top of mind.
  • Millions of marketing professionals use Linkedin ads to reach B2B and B2C audiences with unparalleled professional target criteria
  • Millions of solo entrepreneurs and freelancers generate inbound leads with great content
  • Millions of CEOs and brands using Linkedin to build thought leadership

At the end of 2023, Linkedin passed the 1 billion users milestone and has become an undisputed and indispensable platform for professionals and businesses alike.

Professionals in the United Arab Emirates are lucky.

According to Kepios latest research, the United Arab Emirates is the first country in the world in terms of reach on Linkedin.

88% of the overall population of the United Arab Emirates (over 18+) can be reached via Linkedin Ads. (Average worldwide is 16%)

Source: Kepios-Dataportal - Digital 2023: The United Arab Emirates

In other words, 88% of professionals in the UAE are on Linkedin. So, if you are a marketer, seller, business owner, or recruiter in the UAE, 9 professionals out of 10 in the UAE can be found on Linkedin.

160.000 companies with Headquarters in the UAE can be found, sorted and filtered on Linkedin.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Screenshot (2023.12)
Linkedin Sales Navigator Screenshot (2023.12)

61 million professionals in MENA have a profile on Linkedin

6.8 million are in the United Arab Emirates

Linkedin Sales Navigator Screenshot (2023.12)
Linkedin Sales Navigator Screenshot (2023.12)

Long gone are the days when we had no idea who to contact in an organization.

But getting nearly 90% visibility into any organization in the UAE is an amazing opportunity for companies who will adapt and adopt Linkedin to be more successful.


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