Digital Sales in a remote world

Digital Sales in a remote world

Discussion on Digital Sales and Linkedin best practices in a remote work era

Replay Zoho live! 2022.01

It was a pleasure to exchange with Vanathy Senthilathiban and Zoho Middle East and answer her questions and discuss about digital sales, sales and Linkedin.

The discussion was streamed on Linkedin, Youtube and other platforms but if you missed it, here is the replay.

Key topics:

  • Go-to-market for sales organization in a post Covid era.
  • How to identify targeted-buyers on Linkedin.
  • How to optimise selling with Linkedin accordingly.
  • Ways to use our existing Linkedin Network.
  • What is Linkedin Pulse and Linkedin Sales Navigator? and who is it for.
  • Insights on common mistakes made, best practices, and other tips to use Linkedin for lead generation.
  • Difference between a Brand’s Linkedin Profile VS Sales Personnel’s Linkedin profile.

If you like this discussion, I encourage you to leave your key takeaway from this session in the comments below. It will help surface the highlights for me and for others.

Thank you