Social Selling (or Digital Selling) is the ability to leverage social and digital media to build an online professional brand, find, research and engage prospects, build trust and relationships, and ultimately over-achieve sales goals.

Social Selling is not replacing the traditional sales process, it is improving it.

Why social selling matters:

  • 75% of B2B buyers use social media to learn about potential vendors (IDC)
  • 90% of decision-makers say they never respond to cold outreach (HBR)
  • Studies show that sales reps with high social network activity achieve 45% more sales opportunities, and are 51% more likely to hit their sales quotas. (LinkedIn)
  • 5.4 people are now involved in the B2B buying decision (CSO insights)
  • 57% of the buying journey is done BEFORE a sales rep is involved (CEB)
  • Sales reps using social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers. (Forbes)
  • 90% of top performing salespeople now use social media as part of their sales strategy. (LinkedIn)

How Extra Mile can help:


  • Social Selling Audit & Strategy
  • Custom Sales enablement program


  • Group Workshops
  • In-house Workshops

Who will benefit:

Inside Sales Representatives, Business Development Executives and Managers, Account and Relationships Managers, and Sales Leaders.

Examples of areas or modules:

  • The impact of changing buyer behaviour on the traditional sales process.
  • Bringing human back to the sales process and the buyer journey.
  • Content strategies that drive lead generation at scale.
  • Mapping organizations through social to identify risks and opportunities
  • Engagement strategies that work
  • Harnessing the customer base for referrals and pipeline creation.
  • How to conduct the right research to sell value and win new customers.
  • Leveraging the power of networks to shorten sales cycles.
  • Educating sales professionals to leverage corporate assets effectively.
  • Performance management against social selling key performance indicators.