Social recruiting is the process of using social media channels for recruiting purposes. The term refers to different ways of using social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and websites (blogs, forums, job boards and websites like Glassdoor for example) to find, attract and hire talent.

Why social recruiting matters:

  • 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. (Glassdoor)
  • 80% of employers say social recruiting helps them find passive candidates (Talent Now)
  • Recruiting via social media is growing; 84% of organizations use it currently and 9% plan to use it. (SHRM)
  • HR teams that use data-driven recruiting are 2x more likely to find talent faster (Linkedin)
  • According to recruiters, the top investments for growing an employer brand are social media (47%), company career website (21%), and marketing and advertising (12%) (Jobvite)

59% of recruiters say social media is their best source for finding quality talent.

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How Extra Mile can help:


  • Social Recruiting Audit Strategy
  • Social Recruiting enablement program


  • Group Workshops
  • In-house Workshops

Who will benefit:

CHROs, HR Executives, Talent Acquisition executives, Hiring managers

Examples of areas or modules:

  • The impact of changing talent behaviour on the traditional recruitment process.
  • Benefits of social recruiting and why having a social recruiting mindset is important
  • Content strategies that drive talent attraction and employer brand at scale
  • Elevating the employer brand of your organization internally and externally
  • Talent engagement strategies that work.
  • Harnessing the employee network for referrals and talent pipeline creation.
  • How to conduct the right research to interest, convince and win candidates over
  • Leveraging the power of networks to shorten recruiting cycles.
  • Contacting candidates or job seekers the right way
  • Educating recruitment professionals to leverage corporate assets effectively.
  • Effective job writing and posting on social
  • Performance management against social recruiting key performance indicators
  • Digital Marketing for recruiters
  • Social recruiting and employer branding for marketers
  • Social recruiting and employer branding for hiring managers across the business