How the pandemic has impacted the future of B2B sales


Digital usage in the Middle East in 2021

According to Global Media Insight UAE almost half the UAE’s population are on Linkedin. Thus creating significant opportunity for digital B2B sales and selling in the region.

Did you know

  • 9.73 million = the # of active social media users in the UAE (in 2020)
  • 740 million = the # Linkedin users today globally
  • 4.4 million = the # Linkedin users based in the UAE alone

Personal and professional use of social media is increasing. The numbers are quite astounding!

An evolving business landscape

The Middle East is a diverse region with an exciting future for B2B sales. Especially with the Dubai Expo 2020 on the horizon at home, in the UAE.

The pandemic may have physically closed borders and offices. Yet the ability to do business and maintain productivity has continued across the region.

In-person networking and new business activities are however less frequent. Propelling virtual networking, remote selling and business development tools such as Linkedin and Sales Navigator to the forefront of every selling strategy.

To extend reach and maximise impact.

Digital (sales) is the wave of the future

Importantly, research conducted by McKinsey in October 2020, reinforces that for B2B businesses ‘digital is the wave of the future’.

The pandemic has created a new normal, that both buyers and sellers prefer. Naturally maintaining safety (through remote working) is top of mind. Many validate however that:


McKinsey, Oct. 2020

Belief in the power of digital is increasing. Buyers are willing to spend big online, bigger than ever before.

Per McKinsey, 70% of B2B decision makers say they are open to making new, fully self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000. Besides, 27% would spend more than $500,000.

Digital for impactful prospecting

Fundamentally, digital is also proving fruitful for prospecting. And not just in the case of warm leads.


Source: McKinsey Covid-19 B2B Decision Maker Pulse 2020

Leveraging digital platforms and tools to gently forge and nurture relationships. Whilst educating target buyers with informed insights. Both are now critical to selling and closing business.

Cold calling has become a technique of the past in many industries and the new digital B2B sales model is here to stay!

Benchmarking digital selling maturity in the Middle East

We, at Extra Mile, are conducting a digital selling survey to assess the digital status of B2B sales organisations in the region. With a primary focus on Linkedin.

Linkedin is increasingly the social platform of choice for B2B businesses. When selling and if used correctly, it can lead to shortened sales cycles, increased leads and pipeline growth.

‘You cannot improve what you do not measure’. Recording your Linkedin’s Social Selling Index and key online activities with more granularity will allow for benchmarking against comparative roles, seniority and/or industries.

This analysis is incredibly valuable to your organisation, leaders and professionals in sales and other functions.

Collaboration is so important. Sharing experiences and best practices in our region will continue to elevate the sales profession in the Middle East.

The Extra Mile Linkedin Impact survey

We therefore encourage you to complete our short Linkedin Impact survey.

We will make the findings available to you as soon as it is complete. To help you better understand your own digital selling maturity and how you are performing against industry peers.


In the meantime, if you have any questions or are looking to augment your own/your team’s digital selling capability why not click here to learn more about Extra Mile’s offerings?