Replay: Zoho Live x Extra Mile

Discussion on Digital Sales and Linkedin best practices in a remote work era Replay Zoho live! 2022.01 It was a pleasure to exchange with Vanathy Senthilathiban and Zoho Middle East and answer her questions and discuss about digital sales, sales and Linkedin. The discussion was streamed on Linkedin, Youtube and other platforms but if you […]

Networking and selling during, before and after events

How to use digital and social to start more relevant sales conversations at events In a post-pandemic era when events were virtual, if not cancelled, it is great to be able to go to in-person conferences and trade shows again. Whether you have a booth, will be speaking on stage or are attending, here are […]

Sales best practices during Ramadan

Selling during Ramadan On Tuesday 23 March, Extra Mile and the AA-ISP Dubai Chapter, hosted an insightful discussion about selling during Ramadan with a mixed panel of experienced sales professionals based in the UAE. Panelists Reem AlFalasi – Business Development Manager – Cigna Insurance Middle East (from UAE) Ali Kabir – Global Sales Director – Savu ex-Gartner & ex-Linkedin […]

How the pandemic has impacted the future of B2B sales

Digital usage in the Middle East in 2021 According to Global Media Insight UAE almost half the UAE’s population are on Linkedin. Thus creating significant opportunity for digital B2B sales and selling in the region. Did you know 9.73 million = the # of active social media users in the UAE (in 2020) 740 million = the # Linkedin […]

What is Social Selling? Definition, differences, characteristics and more

What is Social Selling? You might certainly have heard about social selling, modern selling or digital selling but if you are still unsure or confused, you are in the right place to get a clear understanding of what social selling is exactly. In this article we will cover: Definitions Differences between Sales 2.0, Social Selling […]

Modern selling companies in the middle east

Which companies in the Middle East use social selling? Social Selling is not a hidden secret only used by early adopters and most innovative companies. It is everywhere. An analysis by LinkedIn about 14 common industries, including computer software, healthcare, management consulting and more, indicated more than half of their revenue was influenced by Sales Navigator Of […]

Why Social Selling is important

Why Social Selling is important? A few things have changed in B2B sales with the rise of social media and digital. Buyers behaviours have changed, Sales professionals have adapted and the majority of companies have adopted social selling. But why social selling is so important? What are the reasons why companies have transformed the way […]

What is the impact of social selling on sales revenue – case study

What is the impact of social selling on sales revenue? This is an old and yet simple and powerful case study showing the impact that social selling can have on today’s businesses. In 2013, the Aberdeen Group published research comparing the sales performance of organizations based on their social selling maturity. ‘Best-in-Class’ social selling companies […]

Social Selling Statistics you should know in 2020

Statistics on Social Selling you should know in 2020? Social selling, also called digital selling or Modern selling, has been widely adopted over the last 5 years. Along with that, there is now an abundance of evidence that social selling works. Here are the most up to date statistics about social selling anyone in enterprise […]